ISO 9001:2015 AS9100D CERTIFIED

Tooling/Prototyping/Short Run

  • Tool building capabilities in the USA and Mexico
  • Design/Build tooling to precise customer specifications
  • Experts in Progressive Dies, Fourslide Tooling, Compound Dies and Single Die Lines
  • Specialize in Carbide Dies and High Speed Tooling
  • Full Prototyping and Short Run tooling capabilities
  • Data transfer capabilities of virtually any file type
  • Secure FTP website
  • Fully integrated tooling room
  • Design/Build assembly tooling and fixtures
  • Offshore tooling services available
  • Electronic sensors for enhanced die protection

The Tool Room is equipped with new state of the art EDM machines, surface grinders and Mills. BHI has also recently added a new EDM Machine in the Tooling Department. This new equipment in conjunction with the existing equipment allows BHI to produces standardized tooling to customer specification within 6-8 weeks . This turnaround time may be reduced further under certain circumstances.

Tooling Department

BHI as a full staff of Tooling designers. BHI specializes in Progressive Dies, Fourslide Dies, Compound Dies & Single Die Line. We also offers analysis in the early design stage of various material alternatives such as exotic & common metals including titanium, inconel, stainless steel, high & low carbon steels, beryllium copper, galvanized & silver plated materials.

Standard Tooling

  • BHI’s standardized tooling improves our lead times and enables us to better service our customers.
  • Standardized tooling with quick change inserts allows us to minimize down time.
  • Three sets of standardized tooling: Small Die Set (14 x 20), Medium Die Set (16 x 24) and Large Die Set (18 x 28)

Soft Tooling

This utilizes the same metal used for all BHI’s tooling but it comprises single hit tools that are not put into the die set. This allows BHI to modify the part relatively easily for customer changes. The average charge for a progressive die is approximately $30,000, whereas soft tooling can cost as little as $3,000. While not suitable for every part, it can often be useful in verifying the design and ensuring smooth transition from tooling to full production.

Fourslide vs. Stamping with progressive dies:

Fourslide is similar to stamping, except it's on a smaller scale for smaller parts. Therefore, the tooling is less expensive. Many parts that can be stamped can be made on a fourslide machine. One advantage of this process is that less material waste.