ISO 9001:2015 AS9100D CERTIFIED

BHI produces a wide variety of Fourslide

BHI can satisfy all of your requirements for:

  • Wireforms
  • Clips
  • Flat Springs
  • Special Brackets
  • Quality wireforms and fourslides are produced in a wide range of materials on precision tooling produced in house.

Four-Slide vs Progressive Stamping: Producing metal shapes through Four-Slide is similar to the progressive stamping process, with the difference of the size and cost of the tooling that for Four-Slide is less expensive. A large number of stamped parts can be manufactured on Four-Slide. The other great advantage of using this process is the saving in material since the waste is less when using most of the times the width of the strip equal to the width of the piece to be manufactured.


  • .004” diameter to .438” diameter
  • .002” thick to .375” strip material thickness


Custom wireforms are manufactured from a wide variety of materials including music wire, hard drawn, oil tempered, galvanized wire, stainless steels, and copper alloys, as well as exotics such as pre-plated materials (gold, silver, tin), inconel, chrome vanadium and many others.


State of the art forming capability as well as a wide range of Four-Slide machine ranging from S00 to S5 and S0F to S4F.